Destack. Pack. Repeat.

QUPAQ is the world’s leading provider of reliable and hygienic tray denesting and handling solutions for food producers, production line integrators, and equipment re-sellers. With market-leading technology & application knowhow, our automated solutions reduce manual labor and enable our customers to operate safely, simply, and profitably. Tray denesting and handling are in our DNA. Formed by the merger of Intech and Carsoe’s denesting division, QUPAQ combines the best of both worlds in a product portfolio that includes the global leader in electrical denesting equipment, INTRAY, the global leader in pneumatic denesting equipment, ANYTRAY, and a wide range of modular tray handling solutions. We developed and pioneered both of these denesting technologies, and we will continue to innovate in both, service both, and lead in both. Our product portfolio comprises the world’s largest modular range of denesters, conveyors, and related equipment for efficient, hygienic, and reliable tray denesting and handling.

QUPAQ is the world’s largest and most experienced provider of tray denesting and handling solutions. QUPAQ customers in more than 50 countries pack and sell over 10 billion trays of food products annually. QUPAQ is dedicated to the success of our customers and will continue to develop our hardware, software, and support solutions in close collaboration with them.

Quality Quantified
For us, quality is not a subjective, undefinable term. With a proven track record for delivering class-leading tray denesting and handling products, we can quantify the value our promise of quality provides through our reliable, hygienic, and efficient solutions. For our customers, this means absolute confidence in their choice of partner, and the assurance that we have the market-leading technology and application know-how they need to run a simpler, safer, and more profitable operation.

Uptime. Time after time.
Your operational continuity is our business. So we design, manufacture, and support reliable tray denesting and handling solutions that enable non-stop productivity and shorter lead times. It all comes down to uptime.

Automation made easy
Your production line team doesn’t need engineering degrees to work with QUPAQ denesting and handling equipment. In fact, our solutions save headcount as well as headaches. We design automation-friendly solutions that are as easy to operate as they are to maintain.

Change without the pain
Our compact, modular, flexible solutions make your line changes simple and fast. Whether you want to pack different products, scale volume up or down, change packaging, or integrate other equipment in your production lines, QUPAQ helps you reduce the complexity of changeover management.
No-compromise hygiene & ergonomics
The last thing you want your denester to do is increase call-backs, risk, and liability. That’s why we design food packaging solutions that not only think hygiene in from the ground up but reduce manual handling and lifting to boost workplace safety, too.

Support you can rely on
We know the importance of after-sales service and offer fast, reliable support 24/7. But we’re also firm believers in pre-sales problem solving and innovation. To learn how our application know-how and experience can improve your next project, just give us a call.

Your uptime is our priority. All the time. QUPAQ denesting and handling solutions automate food production around the world, around the clock. So we know the importance of fast resolution of any issues that compromise optimal production flows. That’s why we offer 24/7 technical assistance to our customers and encourage them to reach out and help us solve any little problem before they become big ones.

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